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Enjoy original, handmade beaded jewelry using natural and vintage materials.
I am happy to adjust length for an additional fee.  I also do custom orders. Feel free to use designs you see here as inspiration for your own piece.  Some people say my jewelry has spiritual properties. Other people just like to have fun and feel fabulous wearing my jewelry.

  • Amethyst with Black Onyx Accents

    Amethyst is said to inspire fidelity. Onyx is known as a grounding stone that will root the wearer in reality. Length: 24"
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  • Azurite Fan

    Feel the mystical with this azurite fan. Azurite is said to awaken your intuitive self.  The blue and green tiger eyes add beats of calming energy. Length: 18" with an 1" extender
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  • Bold Spiral Bracelet

    Stride out confidently into the world. This mother of pearl is no longer quiet. Feel the energy, power, and courage of the bold color red. The spiral has long been a symbol of growth and evolution; good characteristics for any time of life.
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  • Caged Turquoisite

    Gold plated wire is braided around bright colorful Turquisite to make this bracelet.  This piece will brighten anyone's day. The color turquoise reflects the calm and cooling affects of both blue and green.  
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  • Dalmatian Joy

    Wear this necklace with a sense of joyful well-being, knowing you are sharp and grounded. Dalmatian agate is said to bring joy. The Dalmatian agate fortifies the spirit and encourages a sense of playfulness.  It especially benefits those of us who are over analytical. It reminds us to enjoy the physical joy of simply being. Dalmatian agate also has a grounding energy, supportive of family and loyalty. It is said to have a calming effect on children and animals. Length: 23 1/2"
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  • Dark Angel

    In the darkness of night, you hear the rustling of wings. You look behind you to see a familiar sight. You call her Dark Angel, for her wings are silver and you only see her in the dark. She silently watches over you on the brooding cloudy days and the darkest of nights. You know she is your guardian and means you no harm. With her behind you, you will always be protected. No matter how dark your life may seem, you have one angel on your side. Hand twisted links with onyx accents and a set of angel wings as a pendant.
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  • Fairy Light at Sunrise Earrings

    Capture the light of fairies as the sun rises in these whimsical earrings. The pink iridescence will remind you of the sky at sunrise. The set features pink man made moonstone.
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  • Fairy Lights Bracelet

    Capture the light of day fairies in this whimsical bracelet. Its iridescence will remind you of the sky. A braided silver plated cage is wrapped around man-made moonstones. The wire is braided in a kumihimo style. Kumihimo is a Japanese form of braid-making. Cords and ribbons are made by interlacing strands. Kumi himo is Japanese for "gathered threads". 7"
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  • Fire Within Sea Opal Bracelet

    This simple sea opal bracelet will cause your eyes and spirit to dance. 6 1/2" stretch
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  • Hand Knotted Multicolor Button Pearls

    Feel the river breeze when you wear these colorful, iridescent button pearls. They are hand knotted with silk thread to set them off beautifully and for extra security. Some say pearls enhance the wearer's femininity.  They also might attract happiness and ensure equitable love relationships. Length: 18"
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  • Hand Knotted Multicolor Freshwater Pearls

    Feel the river's breeze in these beautiful multi-color pearl beads. Pearls are said to help the wearer feel calm and centered. They are also said to promote faith, loyalty, truth and purity. Hand knotted, 8-10 mm pearls, sterling silver clasp Length: 18"
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  • Hematite and Pearl Bracelet

    Grounding and calming, this is an excellent bracelet to wear for any occasion. Hematite is also magnetic, so show off your "magnetic personality"! 7" fixed
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  • Hematite Fan with Garnet

    Ground yourself in love. Hematite and Onyx are both said to be earth stones - grounding and protecting the wearer. The Garnet crystal is said to stimulate warmth and gentleness, unifying the creative forces of the self. On the spiritual path, it also helps open the heart to love. Length: 20"
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  • Imperial Jasper Fan

    Feel tranquil and confident wearing this statement piece. Turquoise is a protective stone, strong and soothing to the touch and eyes.  Hematite is both a healing stone and a soothing stone that will bring clarity to your thoughts. The stunning fan is made of Imperial Jasper. This is a relatively rare stone is known for healing and calming properties. 18" with 2" extender
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  • Malachite and Onyx with Sterling Silver Accents

    This sporty necklace of green malachite, black onyx, and sterling silver accents will keep you balanced. Silver is thought to enhance intuition and wisdom.  This balanced by the energy of the black onyx. Black onyx is said to be a strong grounding stone, planting your feet on the ground. Similarly, green malachite will connect you to the earth's energy and is also a good healing stone.
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