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My eldest daughter is a senior GS and it is cookie time again. Unfortunately, the seniors ( gawking big High Schoolers) have to compete with those cute little brownies who come door to door or stand outside of the grocery store hawking wares. So, I told her we could do a little experiment and try to leverage our online network to get some orders. If you live reasonably close to either Kokomo or Purdue and would like to order cookies ( 3.50/box) you can either leave a comment here, email me directly (put COOKIE ORDER) in the subject line or DM me the info on Twitter. I need to know how many of each kind and your email address. I will email you to follow up and get a phone number/street address to confirm and be able to get them to you at delivery time. I can accept Paypal for the payments if you will not see me in person over the next couple of weeks. ( paypal adds a 2.9% +.30 fee, so please include that)

You also have the option to purchase cookies that will be donated instead of you consuming them. For her troop, all the donated cookies will be delivered to men and women serving in the military. You can not choose which kind to donate, just a number of boxes to donate. You do not have to live anywhere near us to purchase donations, just let us know how many you want to donate and an email where we can contact you to work out payment info.

Below you can find the list of the cookies that her troop is selling this year, and you can see all of the GS Cookies on the GS website. If you do not live in our area, there is a nifty gadget on the same page to assist you. You can enter your zipcode and they will direct you to the right troop. If you buy from someone else, comment here so she can at least know that you were inspired to buy by this post.

Her troop is offering:

Lemon Chalet Cremes
Dulce de Leche
Sugar Free Chocolate Chips
Thin Mints

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  1. This is a fantastic project and I’m glad to donate a box. My daughter’s troop did much the same when she was still active.The local news followed them in to Wright Patterson Air Force Base to videotape the girls talking with one of the base public affairs personnel They stacked the thousand plus boxes up in a big pyramid that made for some impressive news coverage.Ultimately the best result was knowing that the troops in Iraq had received them. We received many emails of thanks back when they had arrived.You’re close to Grissom… are you going to deliver them there?

  2. Awesome!

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