Twitter Adventure Tails

Nearly two weeks ago, @dailyTwitter and I started some innocent repartee that has grown into a global adventure tail being spun across the Twitterverse. We thought it would be fun to pull it together in a single post so that you can get caught up on the story ( far…) and give us some feedback.

It all started 13 days ago at the tail end of a discussion of the future of mobile. I was trying to say that I thought dinners should be less mobile, but he playfully took it as an offer of dinner:

roguepuppet: @dailytwitter I would contend that mobile is the future of information, but some things should move away from mobile. ( dinner?)
dailytwitter: @roguepuppet dinner? sure, you fancy thai or cantonese 😉
roguepuppet: @dailytwitter mmm.. either? you bringing it over? I have the fire going..
dailytwitter: @roguepuppet yeah sure dm your address i’ll get the next available flight 😉 dinner might get cold… but fire sounds fab. dt
dailytwitter: @roguepuppet real fire?
roguepuppet: @dailytwitter real fire. in the fireplace. absolutely…
dailytwitter: @roguepuppet real fire idyllic, just stuck in customs, bringing a thai from london has its difficulties 😉 might be be stone cold!
roguepuppet: @dailytwitter It is ok, I have a microwave, also 😉 f you get stuck long in customs, eat the thai, we will make due.
dailytwitter: @roguepuppet I wont eat the thai that would be rude, especially the king prawn i managed to get – they so yummy. open the wine 😉 dt
dailytwitter: @roguepuppet i had to eat the thai 🙂
roguepuppet: @dailytwitter ok, I will go ahead and cook the chicken for taquitos then. No fire built today yet, been too busy.should be fire by 2pm
dailytwitter: @roguepuppet thats cool, i bought some guacamole in customs and three cookies. dont worry about the fire have a scarf long enough for 2 🙂
dailytwitter: @roguepuppet i got waylaid, got into a taxi cab they took me around the block, am somewhere between 5th and 241st have no idea = lost 🙂
roguepuppet: @dailytwitter gps in your phone? tweet your location. You can come out with us to hear the band tonight.
dailytwitter: @roguepuppet ok taxi driver took me across the state, ended up at pier 39 – looks like i have a long walk back, remnants of thai in a bag 🙂
roguepuppet: @dailytwitter sigh. the growth of cheap gps has resulted in a plethora of taxi drivers who get lost. Can I send a limo for you, save walk?
dailytwitter: @roguepuppet a limo would be fine and dandy, make sure they have some water in the thing, as i am parched – the chillies from the thai… 🙂
roguepuppet: @dailytwitter chilled fresh spring water of course, only the best in our limos. 😉
dailytwitter: @roguepuppet limo arrived, thanks for water, life saver. currently partying with a few new found friends in the stretch, might be delayed…
roguepuppet: @dailytwitter wait wait.. those limo babes were for us to share …
dailytwitter: @roguepuppet ah ok, you didn’t say that. ok, then we are leaving now – wont be long, promise not to take any detours 😉 dt
dailytwitter: @roguepuppet to share? there are three.. so who gets lucky with 2 then? hmmm i think we need to agree a deal. oh oh not far now. dt
roguepuppet: @dailytwitter why do we need to divide and conquer? all for one.. and one for all….
dailytwitter: @roguepuppet 🙂 ah sounds a much better idea. ok am not far now, sugggest getting fire ready, any candles and chocolate ice cream too?
dailytwitter: @roguepuppet we are parked outside what i think is ur place, although not sure. do u have gnomes in ur front garden? like 100’s of them?
dailytwitter: is stuck in a @roguepuppet limo with a few friends partying in what i think is Indiana. waiting for a phone call.

Then we started to drag a few other people into the mix. Some played along… some got a little confused 😉

thedridge: @dailytwitter haha now I know who to ask for advice on my next garden gnome purchase ( @roguepuppet )
roguepuppet: @dailytwitter oooh wrong house. our gnomes all migrated south for the winter. I think you are at @mmwine ‘s place in the sun
mmWine: @roguepuppet No Gnomes here! I punt them
roguepuppet: @mmWine hey.. those are my gnomes you are punting… which direction did you send them? Do gnomes have a good sense of direction??
mmWine: @roguepuppet I’m Horde (WoW) .. .GNomes are for eating.
roguepuppet: @mmWine lol..You ATE my gnomes!! I should never have trusted that sunny smile 😉 (I have to admit, we have snacked as well..Ogre and all)
roguepuppet: @bikerbar speaking of hospitality, that reminds me @dailytwitter is lost in a limo with 3 hot babes, looking for my house. Seen him? 😉
bikerbar: @roguepuppet : no limo … no lost 3 hot babes… LOL
dailytwitter: @roguepuppet hey turns out the babes are from rio! we chartered a plane down to brazil, i maybe sometime, but will be back for fireside fun
dailytwitter: @thedridge ah i think if you need gnomes @roguepuppet delegated it to @mmwine appears hers migrated south 🙂 dt
dailytwitter: @roguepuppet be back from rio in a few days, keep that fire in mind, oh i saw some gnomes down here, they are in bikini though, weird!
dailytwitter: @rasga mehico well i told @roguepuppet i was in brazil… might go north 🙂
dailytwitter: @roguepuppet ok slight issue, the limo babes stole the limo, am stranded in Rio airport with $3, a toothbrush, copy of vanity fair. help! dt
roguepuppet: @dailytwitter check page 237 of Vanity Fair, small print ad has a phone number you can call for print. Be sure to brush. Plaque kills
dailytwitter: @roguepuppet page 247 is missing! called ad on 249 got rickshaw pickup in 2hours. spent my $3 on cheap disposable cam, will send pics soon
roguepuppet: @dailytwitter after I spent all that time and money to perfect time travel and get the info into the correct vanity fair edition for you?
roguepuppet: @dailytwitter hope the pics make the wait worthwhile… Rio should be interesting content..
dailytwitter: @roguepuppet i have suspicion that i travelled back in time and tore it out on purpose, for a reason – am trying to figure out why…
dailytwitter: @roguepuppet (expand) airport Rio, boring picture – camera isnt bad though for $3 – more fun pics as i take them. dt
roguepuppet: @dailytwitter oh no.. like you, this pic is 404
dailytwitter: @roguepuppet found page 237! down the back of the ricksaw – spooky. dialed number i spoke to ‘Mr. Chan’ – he said you have the answers…
dailytwitter: @roguepuppet in mehico, lounging with border guards and jamieson! have a bicycle to hand, locals nice. lost camera. still have toothbrush.
roguepuppet: @dailytwitter requesting some fine tequila when you get done with your siesta. Careful, the border guards are shifty.
dailytwitter: @roguepuppet tequila bagged. guards alseep. tip toe across the border seems easy now. torch strapped to my head. heading north, get fire on.
roguepuppet: @dailytwitter it is stripper friday, better get here fast…
dailytwitter: @roguepuppet down in florida, need to catch small plane across the keys – who was your contact in the area? Mr Chan said you had feelers out
dailytwitter: @roguepuppet you need to pull a full ‘strings’ to get me to indiana in time – managed to acquire local thai takeaway, so still on track(ish)
dailytwitter: @roguepuppet ok found highway 27 north bound, am in the back of a truck – don’t ask!?
dailytwitter: @roguepuppet been running for 4 hours, bicycle broke in Carmel just running down route 31 past kempton, cold thai in carry out. you hungry?
roguepuppet: @dailytwitter oh my… no joke. Daughter just cooked thai for dinner tonight… stuffed.. bu we can heat yours and have it for late night
dailytwitter: @roguepuppet got hoodwinked by some hoods. on a fast boat to china, thai and fire may have to wait. can bring back some prezzies for you. dt
roguepuppet: @dailytwitter interesting.. thought all boats to china were slow… watch out for the brd flu. will wire you ransom money, please bring silk
dailytwitter: @roguepuppet just awoke in chinese takeaway, they had speedboat! eating noodles with ‘Mr Chan’ – turns out its a she! Need cash wiretransfer
dailytwitter: @roguepuppet need $10 dolla. stop. send charlies limo babes. stop. Mr. Chan is kingpin silk smuggler. stop. have chinese………………..
dailytwitter: @roguepuppet did u wire the $10 dolla? currently hanging by legs over a crocodile pit in burma. locals hospitable 🙂 all watching opra! WTF?
roguepuppet: @dailytwitter wired 20$ to Mr Chan ( accounted for wire operator skimming ) tell them you ingested poison that will kill crocs if they eat u
dailytwitter: @roguepuppet ok poison ploy worked. now am being married to tribal chiefs daughter. OMG this can’t be happening! Need a plan… quick :-O
dailytwitter: @roguepuppet got the $2000 dolla, obviously wire service got cross wires 🙂 downside tribal chief bought engagement ring!! this is not good.
roguepuppet: @dailytwitter tell them poison also renders you infertile… End of line for tribe. You need to consult village elder and teach poison.
dailytwitter: @roguepuppet holy shmoke, guy in a fedora hat carrying a whip just pulled me outa there! Did u send him? in tiger moth flying east, phew!
roguepuppet: @dailytwitter I did not send fedora hat guy. Make sure he is not going to charge you. I hear he hates snakes, you can use that if needed.
dailytwitter: @roguepuppet tiger moth crash landed vietnam. fedora guy gone. currently in paddy field hiding from locals. found copy of GQ, page 6 missing
dailytwitter: @roguepuppet sat in rice field, smoking strange cigarette, feeling very chilled. reading the GQ i found – 1967 edition. need to find a bike
dailytwitter: @roguepuppet page 76 GQ had a number to call. i dialed with loose change i had. limo turned up!! driving back to bangkok. you want a thai?
roguepuppet: @dailytwitter I never turn down good thai. So glad that time machine is paying off. The ad charges are getting expensive, arrive soon
dailytwitter: @roguepuppet traversing a rope bridge across valley rift, tad wobbly, am not sure i will make it acroooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…………
roguepuppet: @dailytwitter grab for that rope above your head… helicopter rescue. hang in there.
dailytwitter: @roguepuppet gadzukes! sat in bay of special forces blackhawk chopper, these friends of yours?! being taken to a secret locale, will advise
roguepuppet: @dailytwitter yes, those are the guys. shh… special favor as a result of blow out weekend party I helped them with. Buzz me when you land
dailytwitter: @roguepuppet yeah the guys are telling me about your antics. landed in Bikini Atoll, or rather dumped. have small wooden boat. hmm paddle?!
dailytwitter: @roguepuppet Bikini Atoll AWESOME! dropped thai, whoops. got old Scuba gear, have 2 swim cross shark infested lagoon. found a key n cigar?!
dailytwitter: @roguepuppet discovered key fits a Harley Davidson found hidden in bushes – understand cigar now. cruising on open road, heading west.
dailytwitter: @roguepuppet harley stolen outside diner in india. cigar intact. have 100 rupee. locals helpful. taking an elephant 2 airport. help, need $
roguepuppet: @dailytwitter watch for yogi in a purple robe. He has a package for you. The rubies need to come here. Dont lose whatever you do.
dailytwitter: @roguepuppet found yogi. handed me a brown package. familiar shape. has the words amazon stamped on the side. maybe this is a clue? opening
roguepuppet: @dailytwitter was the ruby in the package? should be some extra spending money and a plane ticket as well
dailytwitter: @roguepuppet package is book of ancient hindu temples. inside map to Shiva temple. map shows location of ruby. no ticket only $301. on way
dailytwitter: @Hedgewytch ah playing an adventure game with @roguepuppet, started few weeks back. its quite random and fun 🙂 you want to start one???
dailytwitter: @roguepuppet inside Shiva temple. awesome! ruby is sitting at top of statue. page 49 of book has riddle in Hindi, seeking translator. hungry

How will we get @dailytwitter out of the temple? Will @roguepuppet ever get her takeout Thai delivered? To find out, you will have to follow us both to track the story as it develops. We both think that it would be fun if other people joined in the story. What interesting twists can you throw in? Will you meet @dailytwitter in person along his route, or will you send him aid? Perhaps you will be an obstacle to his progression? I will post an update here once a week with the condensed versions, for those of you not on Twitter, or who do not like the volume of our combined Twitterstreams. If you are going to play along, please be sure to tag your post with a #tt hashtag, so I can find it and include it in the ongoing saga.

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