Tech review: mifi, my new best friend

I have had my mifi for 2 months now and I love having my own portable wifi in my pocket. The only improvement I would make would be to increase the battery life , but since I have a power inverter permanently wired into my van and can recharge as I drive, this is less of an issue. For those not blessed with handy husbands, a car charger would be a great new accesory. Moving to a standard miniA USB charge interface would be even more efficient.

How do I love my mifi? Let me name the ways:

1) It allowed me to stay connected to the Internet and the office, even while onsite with a customer who had locked down Internet without a guestnet.

2) It has given me and extra 2 hours of working web time on days I ride to the office. 2-3 days per week I ride along with my husband to spend the day working in the office instead of from my home office. Although I can do email on my blackberry, any type of web research, document work or design review were too painful. With my mifi and my iPod touch, I have significantly increased the productivity of those 90 minute drives.

3) It allows me and the kids to continue playing games on the iPod touch on the road during the long visitation switch drive, and other road trips

4) It let me keep working at the office the other day, even when our local network went down. When your only phone is VOIP, the network is critical.

I find that I use my mifi almost every day, how do you use yours?

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