@foursquare (or @gowalla ??) meet @gencon

Gencon is August 5- 8 in Indianapolis. For those of you who do not know, Gencon Indy is a huge ( tens of thousands) gaming convention that runs for 4 days. There are thousands of events, and hundreds of vendors and companies there. Almost everyone there is a geek.

It would seem to be the perfect opportunity to really test out some very cool locations features in Foursquare and/or GoWalla (sorry GoWalla until you actually have a BB application and not just a mobile website, Foursquare will be my preference)- or even for some very smart, ambitious startup to make a mark.

Here are some of my top ideas on cool, useful things could be done at an event like Gencon:

1. Check in to vendor booth in the great hall. Allow vendors to set such that visitor #x ( 100, 200, 300, etc) each day gets a coupon or a special free giveaway

2. Check in to actual events/rooms for gaming sessions so your friends know how to find you. Let vendors running events see who came and send out coupons later to those who checked in.

3. Check in to actual events/rooms for gaming sessions and receive instant freebies of some sort of point/weapon/bonus for your character to use during that session.

4. Check in to actual events/rooms for gaming sessions and receive special promo material at the end of the event from the vendor running it.

5. Check in @ parties and general open events ( costume contest, after hours, etc..) to help promote them ( think SXSW style checkins) and/or receive special badges.

6. Check in #true Dungeon to get special extra tokens

7. Check in @ local restaurants ,hotels, etc.. as a Gencon attendee for special deals.

For any location based service, there are 10s of thousand of geeky gamers decending on Indianapolis in a few months– how will you leverage this event and offer great services beyond new badges for the users??

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