Planting Season Begins

Although I had previously planted a row of spinach and some peas, today the planting season started full force. We gathered the troops and planted the followin

4.5 12′ rows of Kennebec potato
3 12′ rows of Purple Haze potato
3 12′ rows of Yukon gold potato
2 10′ rows of Red Norland potato ( planted closer for early potato)
2 12′ rows of yellow onion
10 10′ rows of yellow/white/red onions
1 20′ row green beans
3 8′ rows of peas
1 20′ row of snow peas ( makes a second row)
1 8′ row of spinach ( makes a second row)
1 8′ row of rainbow carrots
2 8′ rows kohlrabi
16 cloves of garlic

This is just the beginning… as the season progresses, there will be tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, squash, pumpkins, chard, lettuce, herbs, kale and other deliciousness.

It is so nice to have the growing season started again…

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