Perspectives on Pain

Two years ago at this time, we had not yet figured out that there were lurking genes for wonky connective tissue in my DNA that could cause debilitating levels of pain when untreated. Everyone was assuming that I was either dying or crazy and I got a preview of what a body feels like at 117 after a hard life. Anti-inflammatories, and careful regular exercise got my pain levels back down to a steady 4 or 5.
Now, I have been back to work for 15 months, work long crazy hours and am helping to build a business with a multitude of opportunities. I am blessed to not only be working, but to be doing work that creates jobs for other people as well. I still have times of flare ups.. days when the baseline of pain in my body is an 8 and the spikes drive me to tears, but I have an understanding of the causes and at least a plan of attack to cope until it all simmers down again. The same pains that made everyone think I was dying before are survivable now because there is understanding and at least the hope ( I call it an assumption) that it will pass and ease again.

Pains surround us everywhere… in our fiscal choices, our business dealings and our family relationships.. do you understand the causes of your pains ? Is there a plan to mitigate or cope, or will those pains be seen as a reason to lay down, give in and just die? So often, the outcome is a matter of perspective.

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