Pain progress

Day after the injection.
None of the horrid after pain some warned me about.
significantly less stiffness in the am
wore knee brace for grocery shopping, farmers market and for some continued flood clean up in the basement.
Did 11 rounds up and down stairs, carrying plastic crates of books. managed to carry them up and down, not stepbouncing them like before.
piano stairs is not knife stabbing under the knee caporonnedial side, Justin the lateral tendon that connects in my shin.
both legs still have pain in the tendons where quads dismally insert.

maxing out my tramadol to try to get some hip relief, and using the Pennsaid i usually used knee on hip bursitis. slight relief from first application. going To try 3x day over weekend to see if that gives some hip pain relief.

steps today 7997
stairs today 16

pushed a bit hard during day, cold packs,Pennsaid in the evening seems to have calmed it.

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