Feeding your soul


I had a really bad night last night. And by really bad I mean easily the worst night I’ve had in the last 12 months. I’m not going to get into details but I am gonna say that I indulged in some self care and had fast food. This is super uncommon for me, I rarely have it. But my point is that it was necessary. My soul and my heart needed to be fed last night and I so I listened to my body and my mind and let myself enjoy some super shitty food. And I don’t at all feel bad for it. And you shouldn’t ever either.

It’s so important that we go easy on ourselves. If you’re hurting and in pain it’s not fair to be extra tough on yourself and deny yourself having a good cry with a box of cookies if that’s what you need at that moment. And it’s not fair to yourself to feel bad about it later. On that same note, this is where the key difference of binge eating and self care come into play. If you allow yourself to just have what you need and not feel badly about it, a once in a while shitty self care meal will stay a once in a while thing. It’s only when you beat yourself up over it that it becomes a consistent thing, because you feel badly so you continue the cycle of those negative emotions. And if you struggle with binge eating, those negative emotions turn into more binging episodes.

Feed your soul. Listen to your mind and body, don’t hold yourself up to unrealistic and unfair expectations. Allow and welcome self care and deny yourself of feeling badly about it.

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