Hear me Rawr…

“Girls don’t play with Dinosaurs!” 

Those words echoed in her mind, even today. Although she was currently studying for her Prelims as a Doctoral Student in Paleontology, that small nagging voice in the back of her head too often made her pause. 

Sigh.  It came with an exhale that made her long bangs “poof”. 

Wow, that came from the depths of something deep in her core. She was tired of being a “Pioneer” in her field.  She wanted to just study what she loved and make discoveries like any of her male colleagues.  She got up to move, setting aside the piles of scientific articles and texts she had been studying.  She moved over to the portable record player she had saved to add to her cramped apartment, her bell bottoms scattering the index cards she had been writing notes on. 

Some people might think it corny, but she really liked that new Helen Reddy Album.  She reset the arm and started it up, the words helping her shake her self doubt. 

As the song finished and the album shifted to calmer tempo, she settled back down and lost herself in the scientific papers once more.

When you wear these earrings, you will not need Helen’s words to remind you of your inner woman power.   The “faux” fossil leaf cut from Pink and Green Moss agate dangle with a bronzed T Rex Charm. 

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