Deep Cut

“What are you listening to?”

He stopped when he walked in the door of the tiny house, tilting his head and pondering.

“It is a Pink Deep Cut from “I’m not Dead“.

He shook his head. “Can’t you just listen to the popular hits like everyone else?”

She looked at him in surprise. “When have you known me to do anything that ‘everyone else’ does?”

She laughed a little, a sound from her belly, not some delicate Tinkerbell chime. “Besides, the Deep Cuts are the ones with real meat. They are too complicated to be popular- Kind of like me!”

He laughed and stepped forward to hug her. “And I would not have it any other way… now tell me more about this deep cut…”

Some pieces do not have convention glitz but are fascinating and versatile all the same. “Deep Cut” is an Agate Oval with some slight irregularities in the cut, but rich color palette. The colors are highlighted by a simple Rose Gold coated wire wrap setting. 

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