She leaned back against the inner tube, her head resting on the edge and her hair dangling into the river water.

She traced little eddies in the water with her hands as she drifted freely. There was a long, slow piece of the river coming up. She looked over to make sure that Barb was still with her, and then briefly closed her eyes. The sound of the cicadas echoed in the August heat, and a gentle breeze whispered in the trees.

Her breathing was slow, easy. She was pretty sure that this was the only time she was actually calm.

She felt the water gaining speed around her and opened her eyes to watch for rocks or trees. Nothing. She looked up, and spotted an elephant and a dragon in the cloud, along with a silly little gnome whose hat was turning to puffs. She smiled widely and lavished in the warmth of the dappled sun filtering onto her face and body through the overhanging leaves.

Without question, Drifting was her favorite summer pastime

Even in the blowing cold snow of winter, the dappled blues and whites in this pendant will remind you of the clouds on a summer day as you drift down the river.  The ripples of wire are a reminder of those small water ripples when you toss a rock or dangle your fingers and toes.

Pause just a moment and the memory of that summer heat will come to your body.

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