She suddenly understood the real meaning of that word. 

The jungles of Belize surrounded her, were alive and growing and moving everywhere she looked.  Even in the still of the day, she could feel the jungle like a living organism, with a million  interacting parts. 

It fascinated her, but she knew there were dangers here too.  Entire Cultures had thrived and died here, before she was conceived.  She was thrilled to her core to be visiting the Mayan ruins, but she could not let excitement make her careless. 

She focused on the deepest green growth around her and centered. Moving alert, but with mindful intention. 

Don’t let the complexities of your life distract you from the purpose you have chosen.  This malachite /amazonite set are the focal point you need to remind you to stay mindful. 

More about the Mayan ruins in Belize

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