She leaned back against the inner tube, her head resting on the edge and her hair dangling into the river water.

She traced little eddies in the water with her hands as she drifted freely. There was a long, slow piece of the river coming up. She looked over to make sure that Barb was still with her, and then briefly closed her eyes. The sound of the cicadas echoed in the August heat, and a gentle breeze whispered in the trees.

Her breathing was slow, easy. She was pretty sure that this was the only time she was actually calm.

She felt the water gaining speed around her and opened her eyes to watch for rocks or trees. Nothing. She looked up, and spotted an elephant and a dragon in the cloud, along with a silly little gnome whose hat was turning to puffs. She smiled widely and lavished in the warmth of the dappled sun filtering onto her face and body through the overhanging leaves.

Without question, Drifting was her favorite summer pastime

Even in the blowing cold snow of winter, the dappled blues and whites in this pendant will remind you of the clouds on a summer day as you drift down the river.  The ripples of wire are a reminder of those small water ripples when you toss a rock or dangle your fingers and toes.

Pause just a moment and the memory of that summer heat will come to your body.


It was late.

Her body was exhausted, but her mind kept racing. Her back screamed to lie down in bed, but she knew if she did, her brain would never slow.

Sleep would elude, once again.

She tossed another log on the fire, turned down the lights and settled into the deep rug that laid in front of the fireplace.

“Alexa, Play Native American Mediation Music”

Calm flute sounds tumbled from the little Echo Speaker and she focused on her breathing.

She followed how her breathe flowed in and out, through all the layers of her body. She allowed the energy to flow past her solar plexus and into her core. Although her body was upright, legs crossed into a triangle, she felt her whole being relax, felt herself settle back into her body, like a blanket that had been shaken to lie on a bed.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

She knew that the demands of tomorrow would wreak the same havoc, but she also knew that the process of working through it made a difference in people’s lives.

Her racing mind calmed. She noticed that the log was burned down to embers- had she really been sitting that long?

She unfolded her legs and climbed back to her feet ( let’s face it, she was not a young graceful thing anymore, but she refused to stop moving).
now her brain and her body welcomed sleep, and she headed toward the bed.

Layers is a custom cut piece of Agate, cut and finished at SHAK Makerspace by David Braun. The undrilled stone is wire wrapped with rose gold coated wire so you can have a focus and sink into your layers anywhere you wear it.


She pressed the button on top of the tall can and swirled it around her head. “Hey”, her neighbor hollered, “keep your cloud over in your space”.

The tall brunette smiled apologetically and then gave the hairspray another burst. Her tall stacked hair needed the extra reinforcement if it was going to make it through the endless retail crowds during her upcoming 10-hour shift. Stores just stayed open for far too long this time of year… people should be at home, decorating and gift wrapping, not endlessly riding the department store elevator floor to floor, piling up purchases in an attempt to buy atonement for the wrongs of the year.

With a sigh, she rose to her feet and gracefully navigated the aisles of the employee dressing room to her current assignment in housewares.

At least anyone looking at her stately bouffant would know that she was a lady of class, even if the crowds had made her weary.

Wear this hand-cut obsidian piece, set with sterling silver to remind you that you are a diva, no matter how bedraggled life leaves you feeling


She rolled down the windows, trying to keep the sound of the crashing waves within hearing range, as she drove in the opposite direction.

Back toward home…

back toward problems that needed to be sorted and solved.

But the week at the abandoned beach had done her well and she felt the inner calm radiating throughout her body– down to her painted and suntanned toe tips that pressed harder on the gas.

“It is amazing what a little seafoam can do to heal the soul”, she thought to herself as she turned the radio up and raced back into the fray. 

You can carry a bit of seafoam with you every day, with this handcrafted, one of a kind pendant.

  • Seafoam

    If you are a child of the ocean spirits, bring the essence of the sea with you on a chain. Round Green Jasper Pendant with Copper Wire Wrap.  
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