Pin and Polish Day

IMG_3794Today was the day for the central stabilizing in, and polishing the large gear that will get mounted on the top soon .

In this shot, not only has the stabilizing pin been put in , but you can see all the amber glass mounted and sealed in the bottom gear.

IMG_3795 Dave uses polishing compound and a buffing wheel hooked up to his air tool to get significant shine on the top most gear.  You can see all the blue glass except for one section in on the top gear.  That last section will stay empty so we have a way to lift and mount with the crane, then the last piece of glass gets installed.

The Vision


The posts lately have been lots of pieces, parts and tools.. so this morning, as the silicone on the glass in the bottom gear is drying, seemed like a good time to flashback to the beginning and take a look at the vision that is getting very close at hand.  This week we had our meeting with the site prep crew , talked through placement and handed over the bolts that will fasten When the Earth Moves into the center of the City Hall fountain.  Soon they will be drilling and embedding the bolts in the concrete, awaiting the arrival of new art…..

Meet and Greet at City Hall


Last night was First Friday in Downtown Kokomo, and the City arranged for a meet and greet for us in front of the new fountain. We were able to bring the top gear ( the only one not yet installed) and show off a large picture of the statue.  It was a fun evening, and gave us a chance to continue explaining why Kinetic Artists are making a piece that will not move…. 

The fountain is a zero retention fountain designed for folks to interact and walk through.. which means they will be walking right up to and touching  When the Earth Moves as well.  Small fingers getting stuck in moving one inch stainless steel gears would result in potential serious injury… so… no moving gears. 

IMG_3784People got it right away, and the response to the statue was overwhelmingly positive. And hey- with a fountain that calls to people this strongly, how can you not let them play in it?


Prepping Glass for Silicone

IMG_3668The Glass inserts have gotten ground and smoothed for fitting, so today is a Silicone Test day.


We are using a Blue bat that was created just to test the functionality of the molds ( the bats are actually poured in amber for the statue) , and are letting the Silicone Set in the mold as a fitting, drying and function test before putting the rest of the inserts into the statue itself.





Moday and some PT

back to work, so less walking today. and way less stairs.

Wore my brace during the da and for PT.

had PT after work and could feel the stress on my knee a small amount. My PT is being careful to do strength building without repetitive knee extensions, per Dr Hur’s instructions.  Walked out of PT without Brace, stopped at Lowes and had a short walk there with no brace… not bad.

Biggest stumbling block was just being totally exhausted by the time I got home and crashing.

Steps today: 3984

Stairs: 1

day three

Sunday morning, got up early to get a few things done before Dave shuts down water to work on plumbing.

no knee stiffness in the morning.
kneeled on basement floor for about 10 minutes to clean cat litter area.. no pain.
right knee cap actually more tender than the left.

had boot on, had not put on socks and AFO yet. jacks up my hip. need to remember not to do that, try to help hip bursitis .

Pennsaid on hip, going to rest and eat yogurt breakfast for a bit.

steps today
stairs today

Pain progress

Day after the injection.
None of the horrid after pain some warned me about.
significantly less stiffness in the am
wore knee brace for grocery shopping, farmers market and for some continued flood clean up in the basement.
Did 11 rounds up and down stairs, carrying plastic crates of books. managed to carry them up and down, not stepbouncing them like before.
piano stairs is not knife stabbing under the knee caporonnedial side, Justin the lateral tendon that connects in my shin.
both legs still have pain in the tendons where quads dismally insert.

maxing out my tramadol to try to get some hip relief, and using the Pennsaid i usually used knee on hip bursitis. slight relief from first application. going To try 3x day over weekend to see if that gives some hip pain relief.

steps today 7997
stairs today 16

pushed a bit hard during day, cold packs,Pennsaid in the evening seems to have calmed it.